Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sad Sod

This past Memorial Day weekend, Eric, Eric's parents, Moishe, and I set sail for Key Largo. Although I was excited for the trip, one thing weighed on my mind: Moishe's inability to master the art of peeing while at sea.

Prior to setting sail for the first time, Eric and I did everything we could to prepare Moishe for "doing his business" on the boat. Despite our best efforts, Moishe showed little interest in cooperating, and the one success we had in the past was beginning to look unrepeatable.

I wasn't the only one concerned with Moishe's bladder woes. Eric's Mom was also worried about how Moishe would fare during our 3-day sail. Hoping something more organic might spark Moishe's enthusiasm for peeing at sea, Eric's Mom bought a piece of sod to serve as Moishe's temporary bathroom:

We placed the piece of turf on the deck and set sail for the Keys:

On our way down to Key Largo, we took Moishe "outside" several times, but each time, he refused to use the sod. Frustrated, we resorted to plan B: ferry Moishe to land once we were at anchor.

Armed with poop bags, Eric, his mother, and Moishe made their way to land in our dinghy. Unfortunately, the only land near our anchorage was a small private island, which was patrolled by a security guard with an abnormally speedy golf cart. The security detail was less than sympathetic to Moishe's condition, and sadly, Moishe and crew were turned away before they ever made it to shore.

Although plan B was unsuccessful, I remained (semi) optimistic that the botched excursion might still result in success. During our last trip to Key Largo, we experienced a similar scenario. Just like this time, our attempt to take Moishe ashore failed (miserably, I might add); however, upon returning to the boat, Moishe finally gave in and used his artificial turf. I hoped history might repeat itself this time around...

...and thankfully, it did. Upon hoisting Moishe aboard, I immediately escorted him to the sod and instructed him to "go outside." After several moments of reluctantly sniffing the grass, he finally went to the bathroom. Unfortunately, this was a lone victory. Subsequent visits to the sod resulted in the usual: Moishe sat down on the grass, refused to pee, and we exchanged mutual looks of confusion and frustration:

Pee pad training resumes, yet again...

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