Friday, May 25, 2012

Resisting the Urge to Purge

Even before moving onto a boat, Eric and I were fairly strict when it came to buying clothes. If we bought something new, something old had to go, and anything we hadn't worn in 6 months was donated (or tossed depending on the condition). Although these rules may seem strange to some, following them produces a calming effect (for us anyway).

Now that my waistline is in growth-mode, I've found it rather difficult to maintain balance within my closet. In order to accommodate my growing belly, I've had to buy all sorts of maternity clothes. Since these clothes are only meant to address a short-term need, I haven't parted ways with any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. As such, I have accumulated an entire new sub-wardrobe.

I store all of my maternity clothes in--what will be--the baby's room. In my mind, if I physically separate my secondary wardrobe from my primary wardrobe, then somehow it is OK for me to have two wardrobes. Old habits are hard to break though...I find myself making routine visits to my closet in search of items to purge. Nearly all of my pre-pregnancy clothes now fall into the "haven't worn in 6-mos" category, and it takes a tremendous amount of discipline not to toss these items (not visiting my closet at all during pregnancy takes even more discipline, which I clearly don't have).

Although my instinct is to get ride of my entire pre-pregnancy clothing collection is strong, I have turned my focus on getting rid of only those items in my wardrobe that are hideous. The items I'm talking about are my go-to frump clothes: my 10-year old khaki pants that sag in the butt area, my $5 sundress with a rip in the side, my shapeless, bleach-stained tank tops, etc. You'd think that someone who is so strict about their wardrobe size wouldn't have a closet filled with such embarrassing items, yet I do. And I don't just keep these items for sentimental reasons - I actually wear them with frequency!

So, I've said goodbye to some of my grungy favorites over the last few weeks, and it feels good...for now. I'm sure I'll be upset with myself in a few months when I reach for one of my tattered favorites and discover it is no longer there, but hopefully I'll forgive myself.

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