Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lazy Fishing

I love catching fish. But I don't care to put any effort into reaching that goal. Like many sailors, we fish while we sail. And, like many sailors, our style of fishing bears no relationship to the style of fishing practiced by powerboaters.

Powerboaters fish with vigor. They find the best sites (reefs, shipwrecks, towers, etc), fish each one at a frantic pace, and then move onto the next site if the fish aren't biting. They use live bait, and they change the bait based on what the fish appear to be enjoying at a particular time.

We do none of that. We sail where we want to, and we troll two lines behind us. We don't cater to the speed of the fish: When our boat goes fast, the lures go fast. When our boat goes slow, the lures go slow. And we don't cater to the appetites of the fish, either: our lines don't have live bait, but rather plastic lures that bear no resemblance to anything that is, or has ever been, living. Our fishing philosophy is pretty much to drag whatever is available behind us at the speed we happen to be sailing, and if a fish bites--fantastic. If not, nothing lost.

Not surprisingly, the powerboaters probably out-catch us 100 to one. But that makes our catches all the more exciting. Yesterday, we caught our first tuna, a blackfin. Tunas are known for putting up great fights, but because we had no interest in stopping Sea Gem to do battle, we just reeled it in while Sea Gem dragged it along at six or seven knots. About as much fight as reeling up a bowling ball, but we got it into the boat all the same.

Although we are neither sporting nor skillful when it comes to fishing, the end result is (sometimes) the same: dinner.


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