Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dressing Up the Shore Power Cable

We connect to the electricity grid via a shore power cable, a thick, yellow cable that can transit to Sea Gem 50 amps of A/C power, more than enough to power all of our electronics at the same time.  (Which is nice, considering we have lived in apartments where we routinely blew fuses when using the hair dryer and the toaster oven at the same time.)  The shore power cable, along with the the endless flow of electricity that it carries, definitely separates comfortable living from camping and helps make living on a boat while working ashore a viable option for us. 

The only downside of the shore power cable is that it is filthy, ungainly, and ugly.  Our 50-amp cable is actually made of two 30-amp cables that have been joined together to make it a little easier to handle, but it traps dirt on the deck, accumulates some sort of thick, black filth that marks the deck, and generally gets in our way all of the time:

Before: Cords on the Deck
We recently noticed that another sailboat in our marina keeps its shore power cable in a nifty cloth cover that zips closed (the specific product is the Marinco Zipsleeve).

The cover seemed like a clear improvement, so we followed our neighbor's lead and bought and installed our own cover:

Installing the Zipsleeve 

Concealing the Cords 
The cover keeps the cables together, hides the filth and obnoxious yellow color, and attaches to lifelines and stanchions to keep the cable organized and out of the way:

After: Suspended from the Lifelines
Although we are still experimenting with the best way to attach the cable to keep it off the deck, the difference is already significant.  We no longer have filth accumulating on the deck under the cable, and the dark color of the cover is far less noticeable than the bright yellow of the cables.  We'll see how the cover holds up over time, but so far we are very pleased with the upgrade.


  1. Looks like quite an improvement. It was a bit of a nuisance moving about with the power lines running all over the fore and side decks.

  2. Aye, agree :) Much safer--especially when the decks are wet.

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