Monday, April 16, 2012

Condensing continues...

If you've been following our blog, you know that Eric and I spent a considerable amount of time condensing our belongings prior to moving aboard Sea Gem. We devoted endless hours to researching practical space-saving devices, and it took us months to physically sort through our possessions and dispose of non-necessities. You'd think after all that time and effort, we'd have very little left to get rid of... well, you'd be wrong.

Even after spending months simplifying our lives and ridding ourselves of unnecessary objects, we are still finding things we don't use, and therefore don't need. In addition to the belongings we brought aboard, Sea Gem came with a surplus of goodies hidden within her many storage compartments. Although we sorted through nearly all of these storage spaces upon move-in, we didn't get to everything. As such, condensing continues.

Early this morning, I did a little spring cleaning (which requires surprisingly little time when you live on a sailboat), and within an hour, a pile of unused items had formed on our coffee table:

In addition to the above items, during today's early-morning cleaning frenzy, I found several Tupperware-esq lids tucked away in one of our galley's storage spaces:

Hoping to find their mates, I rummaged through the cubbie in which I found the tops; however, I was unsuccessful at locating any matching containers. Since we have no use for a collection of lids, I tossed them onto the growing pile of items for Goodwill and continued on with my cleaning. However, the lids began weighing on my mind. Why were there so many lids? How is it that ALL of the containers for these lids were missing? It didn't add up, so I decided to investigate.

As it turns out, the lids in question weren't just the tops of containers, they were also the bottoms. The "lids" expand:

These collapsible containers were left by Sea Gem's previous owners, and I'm so grateful. Not only will they be useful for storing leftovers, they'll also make handy serving dishes while at sea (they are rubber, so if they fall, they won't shatter). In my haste, I nearly tossed these boat-friendly space-savers, which Eric and I will definitely use (now that we know we have them).

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