Monday, March 26, 2012

Weighting Tables

I’m not a huge fan of weighing myself. In fact, Eric and I don’t even own a scale. It isn’t that I am ashamed of my weight; I just don’t see the value in knowing what it is. I believe in being healthy and liking how my body looks, but I am not convinced that either of those two things are dependent upon knowing how many pounds I weigh.

Despite my anti-scale feelings, after the baby arrives, it would be helpful to have some indication that I am nearing my pre-pregnancy weight (whatever that may have been). Obviously, I can judge this by the fit of my old clothes, but having an official marker signifying that I have arrived at my previous weight would be nice for celebratory purposes (i.e. pigging out on fried food and cake). Thankfully, I have a unique gauge for determining when I’ve reached this milestone–our kitchen/coffee table.

As Eric explained in a previous post, the table in our salon converts from a coffee table into a kitchen table:

To collapse the table, someone actually has to sit on the table, and the weight of that person forces the table down. Pre-pregnancy, when I sat on the table, I had to wiggle a little in order to get the table to collapse completely. Now that I am almost into my 3rd trimester, the table glides down with no problem at all--a sure sign that my weight is heading in the right direction.

After the baby is born, I’ll use this same indicator to alert me to when I've reached my pre-pregnancy weight. While this is certainly not the most scientific method for determining one’s weight, it will do. Until then, my attention is focused on the most important thing--doing everything I can to ensure a healthy baby. So far, so good!


  1. Hi Krissy and Erik! My name is Rachel and along with my husband Joan, we are beginning a similar project as the one you guys have been working on for the past few years it seems! We are based in Barcelona and just got our boat two months ago. We are making all sorts of changes to the boat and the dining table needs to go!! When I happened upon your blog, I fell in love with the convertible table you have!! It's perfect and would make a nice addition to our Wind 44. Can you give me any information on where it was built or where it can be purchased? Thank you!!

  2. Congrats on your boat purchase! Our boat used to have a stationary dining table, but it was replaced with our current one by the previous owners. It doesn't have any brand markings on it, so we believe it was custom made (most likely in the United States). We could take some pictures of its mechanics, so you can see how it is constructed and how it works. I'm sure a carpenter can make you one that fits your boat perfectly. What is your email?

  3. Thank you!! That would be really wonderful if you could send us pictures. I really appreciate it. You can send them to