Saturday, March 24, 2012

Making relaxing a little more relaxing...

Sea Gem has been around the world (with her prior owners), and I suspect that, out of all the places Sea Gem has been, Miami's weather and scenery doesn't even make the top-ten list. I've only seen pictures, but the South Pacific and Southeast Asia sure look nicer than Miami. And I can attest that the Caribbean is nicer. Sea Gem will travel to those places again someday, but in the meantime, we are tied to a dock in Miami.

That said, Miami is great. Coming from Kentucky, it is hard to complain about sunny, 80-degree days, for day after day, through the entire winter. We love it here, and we love being outside to enjoy the weather. And just this past week, we upgraded that experience.

Being outside in the sun is great, but it can be so physically demanding to have to sit upright (let alone stand up and walk around) to enjoy the weather. So we are very pleased that we no longer have to move a muscle when enjoying the weather: we bought a hammock.

Because space on a boat is always in short supply, we decided on a camping-style hammock that stuffs into a tiny little sack:

The particular hammock we decided on in the Double Eagle (it can fit both of us and up to 400 pounds) by Eagle's Nest Outfitters:

We can set up the hammock in only seconds. Two nylon straps wrap around the mast and the furled headsail, and the hammock clips to the straps with carabiners. The process is effortless, and when it comes to setting up a hammock, who wants effort?

Here, you can see how the hammock attaches to the headsail (and how easy it is to integrate a beer into the process):

Because the hammock is made of a solid cloth instead of a rope weave, it provides some protection from the sun when you want it to:

And, when the sun starts to set and the temperature drops below 80, we can wrap ourselves in the hammock for a little extra warmth:

So, while Miami may not be quite as relaxing as the Bahamas or the South Pacific, we are sure doing our best to come close.

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  1. That looks just right for relaxing! I am looking at one of their hammocks with a fly for camping. Can't wait to see what you think in a couple of weeks.