Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Boat

At this time last year, Eric and I had just driven down to Miami from Kentucky for the purpose of attending the Miami International Boat Show and identifying a boat layout that would work for us to live aboard. It is hard to believe that it was only a year ago that we were beginning to seriously consider the idea of living on a boat, and here we are today, living happily aboard Sea Gem.

This past weekend, we attended the boat show again, although this time around, our agenda was much different. Our main purpose in attending was to get a sense of how the interiors of older boats have been updated and modernized. Our boat is over 20 years old, and while we have no immediate need to update anything, should we ever have the desire, it would be nice to have an idea of the possibilities. Our secondary mission was to hunt down a boat part for Eric's father, who is an avid sailor. Sadly, we failed at the latter.

The day we attended the boat show couldn't have been more beautiful:

Although our main purpose in attending the show was to get ideas for future remodeling projects, we left the event with something quite different: confirmation. We went aboard a variety of boats at this year's show, including my beloved Oyster 625, and at the end of the day, Eric and I came to the same conclusion - nothing we saw made us wish we had anything other than Sea Gem. It was a nice realization. We really love our boat.

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