Thursday, February 9, 2012

How it all worked out...

If you've been following our blog since before we moved aboard Sea Gem, you probably remember that the majority of our land-based posts were about preparing to transition our lives from land to sea. A lot of this preparation involved condensing our belongings and finding space-saving alternatives to everyday necessities. We thought a bit of follow-up was in order, so you know how everything worked out…

Mugs and Glasses

The stackable mugs and glasses that we purchased to replace our old collection fit perfectly inside of Sea Gem's galley cupboards. Here are our mugs and juice glasses:

Now that we live in a warm climate, we aren't drinking as many hot beverages as we used to, so our mugs haven't been seeing a lot of coffee/tea action. Thankfully, our mugs are the perfect size to hold two scoops of frozen yogurt, which we enjoy nightly, so they certainly get used.

The tall drinking glasses we purchased didn't work out as we anticipated. They ended up being too tall for our cupboards, and therefore couldn't be stacked. Considering we went through great lengths to find stackable glasses, it was a little frustrating to know their defining feature wasn't needed. The whole thing proved to be irrelevant though because our salon came equipped with custom glass storage:

Initially, I had conflicting feelings about storing our drinking glasses in what is essentially our living room; however, the shelf on which they sit is located above our ice maker, which makes their location very efficient.


With the exception of our large plates, all of our new, boat-friendly dishes fit rather well in our galley cupboards:

We needed to store the large dinner plates in a different cupboard (above our sink) because they were just a bit too big for the cupboards housing the rest of our dishes. At first, I was a little disappointed that we couldn't keep the dish collection together; however, the outcome has actually been rather positive. Because the large dinner plates are out of sight, we tend to eat our meals off of the small salad plates, which helps with portion control.
Pots & Pans
The stackable pots & pans Eric and I bought prior to moving aboard Sea Gem have turned out to be a great purchase. Despite having a (relatively) large galley, there is no way our former collection of pots & pans would have fit on-board. Since our entire collection of new pots fits inside of one another, they take up very little room. Here they are (all inside of the pressure cooker):
Prior to moving aboard Sea Gem, Eric and I purchased special hangers that allowed us to store our clothes in a much smaller space without having to reduce the size of our wardrobe. Here they are keeping our clothes organized in our (very) small closet:
Although we couldn't anticipate all of our boat needs while still living on land, we are really happy with how well the condensed kitchen items and clothing storage accessories we purchased pre-move have worked out.

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  1. Hey K and E, it looks like I finally may take the plunge and follow in similar footsteps. Could you shoot me an email at to provide me with a little advice?
    Gracias Bill