Sunday, February 26, 2012

Farewell, Dust Bunnies

I remember vividly the day my parents bestowed upon me their, now my, rya rug. My father seemed mildly upset that his rug was going to be in the charge of a potentially less appreciative owner, whose care might result in the rug ending up at the bottom of the sea. My mother on the other hand seemed all too eager to pass the furry heirloom onto me. During the exchange, I recall her mentioning something about "constant orange fuzz" and "you'll see..."

See, I did. The rya rug is, for lack of a better word, balding. It expels little puffs of orange wool onto the floor. Based on the amount of fiber the rug gives off on a daily basis, I'd say it has about 20 more years until it completely disappears. In addition to shedding, the rug also collects and hides all sorts of miscellaneous floor droppings within its thick shag:

Obviously, with a rug like this, you need a vacuum cleaner.

Before moving onto the boat, we relied on a massive Shop-Vac to do our household vacuuming (it would take an entire other post to explain the reason behind this decision, so I'll just say that Eric really, really wanted a Shop-Vac). Obviously, a Shop-Vac has no place inside of a house, let alone aboard a boat, so we parted ways with the behemoth prior to moving. Once aboard, we figured we'd clean everything by hand (the boat is big, but it isn't that big). This was a fine solution, except for when applied to the rug. Although getting on our hands and knees to wash the floors works just fine, hand-grooming the rug "monkey-style" isn't exactly efficient--or effective.

Since we moved aboard Sea Gem, both Eric and I have known we needed to buy a vacuum, but we could not bring ourselves to make the purchase. Vacuums are the worst things to buy. They are expensive, and then once you have one, you have to use it. About a week ago, we had family coming to stay with us. Since two of our guests were allergic to dogs, we decided to pull the trigger and purchase a vacuum so we could ensure the boat was dog-hair free. After weighing our options, we purchased the Dyson DC 34:

While this style of vacuum is likely not practical for cleaning an entire house, it is ideal for use around a boat. In addition to being powerful enough to handle our rug's dust bunnies and trapped filth, it meets the most important criteria for being boat friendly--it is easy to store. Overall, a great purchase.


  1. i have one of those... the dyson, not the rya rug. it's SO AMAZING! :) (as always... i'm so impressed that you guys are doing this. seriously.)

  2. Thanks, Farah! We love it, too (both the rug and the dyson). I use it to clean everything! Come visit if you're ever in Miami!