Tuesday, February 21, 2012

But what about morning sickness?

Anyone who knows me well knows that the one thing I absolutely can't stand is puke/puking. Even the fake rubber stuff repulses me. I gag when I hear someone throwing up, and--without shame--I run screaming from vomiting strangers and puking friends & loved-ones (including my dog). I simply can't stomach vomit (I'm going to make a great mother, I know).

Given my aversion to the phenomenon of regurgitation, upon discovering I was pregnant, I became immediately concerned about what morning sickness would be like on a boat. Since I had absolutely no desire to find out, I began combing the internet for any and all preventative techniques for avoiding morning sickness. While I’m sure it is just a matter of luck, I thought I’d share with you what I did because, for the most part, I escaped this dreaded accompaniment of pregnancy.

Acupuncture Bands

We already had a pair of Sea-Band® brand acupuncture bands on-board for guests to use because we know many people who credit these bands for keeping them nausea-free while at sea:

Since we already owned a pair, I figured I’d see if they might also be helpful in combating morning sickness. I wore these bands 24/7 for most of my first trimester, and while I can’t tell you how I felt without them on, I can tell you that I felt fairly well during the early weeks of pregnancy. They are only about $10 for a pair (unless you purchase them at the over-priced marine store where we bought ours - in which case they are much more), so they are definitely worth trying. They certainly won't make you feel any worse.


Like all good sailors, Eric and I know ginger is great for combating seasickness, so we keep our boat stocked with the stuff – ginger ale, ginger tea, gingersnaps, and ginger candy:

Although I absolutely hate ginger in any of the aforementioned forms (with the exception of gingersnaps), I consume it without hesitation whenever I’m feeling ill. During the early weeks of pregnancy, I relied on this spicy root to ward off nausea. While I am now completely sick of ginger, I highly recommend having some at your disposal during the first trimester.

Prenatal Vitamins

One of my sisters suggested I take Rainbow Light® Prenatal One™ vitamins during my pregnancy:

She raved about how they kept her vomit-free while she was pregnant, and her enthusiastic endorsement of the brand convinced me to try them. Again, I took them every day, so I have no idea what I would have felt like had I not, but I will tell you this...I took my prenatal vitamin right before bed, and although I was never terribly sick during my first trimester, as I got further away (in time) from when I took the vitamin, I felt progressively ickier. While this isn't conclusive evidence of anything, to me, it indicates that the vitamin may have been helping keep morning sickness at bay.


In addition to the bands, ginger, and vitamins, I also made sure I kept something bland in my stomach throughout the day:

Every pregnancy blog suggests this technique, so I was confident it would yield positive results. Before I got out of bed in the morning, my husband would bring me dry cereal to nibble on (he's good to me), and I’d snack on saltines throughout the day. During the course of my first trimester, I always felt best when I had something in my stomach.

While I have no idea if any of the these techniques actually helped, I will say that, with the exception of the days when the motion of the boat was really bad (winter winds will do that), even while on a sailboat, I felt fairly well during my first trimester.


  1. Such great ideas! I am glad you didn't get too sick. I think the one time I puked in elementary school was because the kid sitting next to me puked. I wasn't sick and I tried to tell them but they sent me home anyway. :) Fortunately the only time my kids have had the flu I was out of town and Jeff got to deal with it. Oddly, he was glad I was gone for this as it was less stressful without me there.

  2. That is too funny, LuAnn! I can't believe your kids have only been sick once! Lucky kids - and lucky you for not having to deal with it :)