Monday, January 30, 2012

But what about cooking?

Many people are surprised to know that not only do we have a kitchen (galley) on our boat, but what we have is large and fully functional. In no way do I mean to suggest our galley is comparable to the gourmet kitchens found in suburban homes; however, it is larger than the size of kitchen you’d likely find in a NYC apartment. Is a NYC apartment the best measure of comfort or desirability? No, but we feel pretty good about it.

Here is our galley:

During our last months living on land, Eric and I prepared for boat-living by making do with less (while we still had more). In the kitchen, this meant we used only a small portion of our available counter top and refrigerator space. While this exercise proved painless, once aboard Sea Gem, we soon realized it had been unnecessary. Sea Gem has plenty of counter top space, as well as an abundance of refrigeration and freezer space. Food storage and preparation on-board Sea Gem is just as easy as in a land-based kitchen.

So what appliances do we have to cook with? All of the standards: stove, oven, and microwave.

Unlike many stoves found aboard boats, our stove has 4 electric burners (most boats have a 2-3 burner gas stove). The best part about our stove, however, has nothing to do with its functionality. The BEST part is that our stove is famous! Well, not exactly; however, the exact same model was featured on the set of The Golden Girls (a show Eric and I happen to love):

We've considered replacing our current stove with a more modern version, but when your stove has the kind of pedigree that our stove has -- you think twice!

In addition to stove-top cooking, we also have a convection-oven/microwave combo that allows us to bake, roast, and microwave. Here it is baking some veggie spring rolls:

It looks like an ordinary microwave, but it is so much more. This type of appliance is great for a boat galley (or small kitchen) because it functions independently as both a microwave and oven. Our convection combo has baked cakes, roasted chicken, and nuked leftovers. Additionally, our model's interior is substantially larger in volume than what most boat ovens offer (at some point in the future, Thanksgiving Dinner will be cooked and eaten aboard Sea Gem).

So yes, we cook--not every night--but we definitely do.


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