Friday, November 4, 2011

Home sweet boat...

Decorating is done! As promised, here are pictures of our home:

Cockpit (a.k.a. our front porch)

Aft cockpit (a.k.a. back porch)

Companionway (a.k.a. front door)

Salon (a.k.a. living/dining room)

Navigation station (a.k.a. office)

Forward passageway (a.k.a front hallway)

Laundry/linen closet

Engine room door

Engine room (a.k.a basement)

Forward berth (a.k.a. guest room)

Side berth (a.k.a. bunk room)

Forward head (a.k.a. guest bathroom)

Galley (a.k.a. kitchen)

Master stateroom (a.k.a. master bedroom)

Master head (a.k.a. master bath)


  1. Your boat is nicer (and probably bigger) than most apartments I've lived in!!

  2. Well, I think your current residence is pretty nice :) You'll have to come visit in order to compare for yourself though!

  3. i feel like i'll have to turn sideways to fit through the forward passageway...

  4. I think you'll be ok, Jamie :) You'll have to fight Moishe for the forward room though... he has claimed it as his own.

  5. Love everything about her.
    We are also looking for a 54 gulfstar sailcruiser

  6. Let us know if you consider selling her....

  7. Thank you, Suzanne! Glad you and your husband found our blog!