Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The sharpest knife in the drawer

If you've been following our blog, you know we've devoted many posts to the process of condensing our belongings as we made our move from house to boat. Although we were able to anticipate many of our future needs and condense accordingly, there were a few necessities we were unsure of what to do with. We decided to hold off on figuring out solutions for these items until we were living on the boat and had a better sense of our actual needs. A great example of this is our knife collection (kitchen knives, that is, not throwing knives).

In our townhouse, our knifes were stored in a wooden knife block on our counter top. One of our previous posts contains a picture of our old knife block, so I will forgo posting another (although, I'll save you the trouble of clicking on the link to that previous post--our old knife block looks exactly like whatever you are currently picturing in your head). Since we knew our boat's counter top space would be limited and valuable (which it is), we knew this bulky block wouldn't make the journey to Miami with us.

Once on the boat, our temporary solution for securing our knives was to wrap them in aluminum foil and shove them in a drawer (I'll let you guess which one of us came up with that inventive solution). Of course, not only did a drawer full of foil-wrapped knifes pose a danger for our fingertips, it was also hazardous for the knives themselves. Eventually, we purchased a sleek magnetic knife holder and mounted it just above the sink:

Not only is storing the knives above the sink functional, the placement of the strip also covers a slight blemish on the wall (nothing major, just chipped paint). Best of all, the magnet is powerful enough to overcome any movement of the boat, so our knives stay securely in place.

Unfortunately, this wall-mount didn't work for our entire knife collection, as three of them are ceramic, and therefore impervious to magnetic attraction. Although these three remaining knives continue to be housed in a drawer, they (and we) are now properly protected with the help of Blade Savers (a substantial upgrade from the foil in which they were previously wrapped):

Secretly, I've always wanted a magnetic knife holder, so I am quite pleased with our purchase. And, although storing our remaining ceramic knifes in a drawer isn't exactly the most innovative solution in the world, so far, it is working just fine.


  1. The ceramic knives may do better in the corrosive sea environment than your metal knives. It'll be interesting to see how each does over time.

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