Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ice or wine?

Sea Gem, like all Gulfstar Sailcruiser 54's, has an open salon with room for two chairs.  We have La-Z-Boy recliners, and we can confirm that they are aptly named.  In between the two chairs, there is an area designed to contain one of three items: an icemaker, a wine cooler, and a cabinet.  We have seen Sailcruisers with each.  The cabinet is a bit boring, of course, but good arguments could be made for either the icemaker or the wine cooler.  Sea Gem has an icemaker, and in the end, that makes the most sense on a boat. 

Here is what the icemaker looks like, neatly installed between the two recliners and right above Moishe's bed:

And here is what the icemaker looks like with the door open, filled (well, half filled) with ice:

If you are wondering what happens to Moishe when we open the icemaker to get ice, the short answer is that he kindly sacrifices his comfort to suit our needs.  Each and every time we get ice, Moishe wakes up, leaves his bed, and patiently waits for us to finish filling our glasses so that he can return to sleep.  We certainly sacrifice our own comfort to suit Moishe's needs in many, many ways, so don't feel too bad for him. 

Our icemaker is a U-line model that makes 23 pounds of ice a day.  We don't go through 23 pounds a day, but we certainly use a lot of ice.  Cold drinks are nice, and they are particularly nice when we are out sailing on a hot day (and there are plenty of hot days in South Florida).  Moishe likes ice, too, and we put a few cubes in his water bowl throughout the day to keep him happy.  Even though he has to wake up throughout the day when we open the icemaker, it seems to be a net positive for him. 

The icemaker also doubles as a spare freezer in case our main freezer malfunctions or we manage to run out of freezer space.  Being that our freezer is so big that we have it half filled with ice-filled bottles so that we can easily reach our food, running out of space seems unlikely.  Having a spare is always nice, though, and even if our freezer never breaks, we will have to defrost it at some point, and when we do, we will have another freezer where we can put our food while we wait. 

So, the icemaker gives us cold drinks, a happy dog, and a spare freezer.  All are very nice to have on a boat.  A wine cooler, on the other hand, is not nearly as versatile.  We had a wine cooler in our house in Kentucky, and we can safely say that it does only one thing well--cooling wine.  Admittedly, a wine cooler looks nicer than an icemaker, but sometimes function carries the day.  We can still chill white wine in our refrigerator, and although a wine cooler would allow us to age red wines for many years, having a cooler full of wine that we aren't supposed to drink for many years is something we'll just have to manage to do without.  So far, we've had a pretty easy time buying wine and then drinking it, as opposed to testing our patience by looking at it for years at a time.  Meanwhile, the ice keeps coming.

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