Monday, August 22, 2011

Victims of the Move

While Eric and I (and Moishe) survived the move to Florida, our poor houseplants were not as fortunate. Apparently, the dark car trunk in which they were buried for days wasn’t an optimal environment for their survival. Needless to say, after two days without sunlight, water, or hope, they turned an ugly shade of brown and shriveled beyond recognition.

I don’t have a photograph of them in this state to share with you because I was too upset to document their condition --I only wanted to remember them as they were in Kentucky: green, thriving, and identifiable as plants.

Once we uncovered the plants in the trunk and realized they had sustained severe trauma during the course of the trip, we promptly removed them from the car, and applied urgent lifesaving techniques. Hoping to resuscitate them, I placed my plants (in their Woolly Pockets) in direct sunlight. Sadly, they were unresponsive to the sun’s powerful rays. With time running out, I watered them. Thankfully, the powerful combination of water and light seemed to stabilize the withered plants. The next few days were touch and go for our fragile plants, but upon arrival into Miami, the plants’ condition remained stable, although not ideal.

Days passed and the plants’ health showed little signs of improvement. In an attempt to breathe new life into the jade, Eric severed some of its dying branches. He had hoped that pruning the weaker limbs would improve the overall health of the plant, but sadly, it only served as a cosmetic fix –and a poor one at that. Here are some grim photos documenting the plants' heartbreaking condition:

Horrifying, isn't it?

I worry our plants have sustained too much damage to make a full recovery, but I’m holding out hope. I’ve noticed that, with each passing day, fewer and fewer leaves seem to fall off of the jade. Of course, there are less leaves in general, so perhaps that isn’t the best measure of its health.

Moishe, too, is distraught over his leafy friends' prognosis, as you can clearly see in this photo:

We'll keep you posted on the plants' progress (should there be any).


  1. Stick one or two of the best looking (green) branches and a leaf or two into some water or moist soil. New roots should appear!

  2. I'll let you know if that works...They look even worse today!

  3. Keep watering. Remember to use fresh, not salt, water.