Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aye Aye, Commander!

I’m a big fan of dressing the part. The right outfit really helps me get into the appropriate state of mind for whatever it is I am doing. Since we’ll be moving onto a boat in just a few days, I have already begun shopping for nautical-themed shirts. Of course, a simple striped shirt doesn’t exactly scream “I live on a boat,” which is the look I’m going for. To help me achieve my fashion vision, I enlisted (pun #1) the service (pun #2) of my dad. You see, my dad was in the Navy, and like a good sailor, he has kept all of his uniforms in a box, neatly folded, since being discharged (honorably, I might add) in the early 80's. In addition to his dress whites, he also kept these:

Accessories! A good hat can really pull a look together, so I was delighted to discover these two stashed away in the box: a Lieutenant’s hat and a Commander’s hat. Not only are these hats practical (protecting us from the sun, as well as providing an important visual queue that helps convey "Yes, we are competent sailors"), wearing them will help me achieve the stylish, yet authentic look I am going for.

Eric completely disapproves of my intentions. He said something about being “completely deranged” and “the kind of thing a lunatic would do.” He likened my wearing a naval hat on our boat to a Jeep or Hummer owner wearing a General’s uniform while driving around town. Personally, I think, if you’re driving one of those cars, you should be dressed as a General. They are Army vehicles after all. To be clear, I have no plans to wear my dad’s dress whites. I only plan on wearing the hats, and only while at sea. I may be deranged, but I'm not totally crazy!

Now, I was going to let Eric wear the Commander's hat, but since he was such a poor sport about the whole hat-wearing situation, I demoted him to Lieutenant. It may seem harsh, but his unenthusiastic attitude simply wasn't becoming of an officer. With Eric out of the way, I quickly ascended to the rank of Commander. I’m quite pleased with my new title, and my hat.

Moishe, the boat’s Captain, will need a hat, too. Not surprisingly, my dad didn’t have a tiny little dog-sized Captain’s hat for Moishe to wear. Thankfully, the Internet abounds with themed clothing and accessories for dogs. I have no doubt Captain Moishe will have an appropriate little hat in no time at all (pics to come).

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