Friday, July 15, 2011

We've Been Shopping!

We haven’t posted anything in over a week because we’ve been on the road looking at boats! Our trip was exhausting, but extremely productive. We drove a total of almost 3,000 miles! It was a long drive, but thanks to our favorite road trip game called "Brown Car," it was enjoyable.
A note about Brown Car:

The game Brown Car is fairly self-explanatory. It is a car game we invented where we count the number brown cars we see while driving.
To play, you simply shout "brown car!" when you see a brown car. It doesn't sound like a fun game, and truthfully, it's not, but it helps pass the time. Should you want to play, the only rule you need to be aware of involves what constitutes the color brown. This is very important. The color brown must be what Crayola considers to be brown, not a brown that could also go by the name Desert Taupe, Burnt Caramel, Cappuccino Mist, Bronzed Sunset, etc. These pseudo brown colored cars are abundant, while pure brown cars are rare. That is what makes the game so challenging. During this trip, we saw a two-toned brown El Camino. I've been playing Brown Car for years, and believe me, a two-toned brown El Camino is extremely rare. We gave ourselves 2 points for that one.
Here is our trip's itinerary:

Wednesday July 6th
  • Depart Louisville, KY at 4pm
  • Brief stop in Murfreesboro, TN for dinner at 7pm at Kirkenburt's Smokehouse. We recommend the onion rings and the wings. Moishe thought highly of the brisket.
  • Arrive in Atlanta, GA at 11pm
Thursday July 7th
  • Depart Atlanta, GA at 5am (ugh!)
  • Arrive in Flagler Beach, FL at 11:30am for lunch at the Flagler Beach Fish Company (well worth stopping in for a bite if you're in the area) and to see the first of two Gulfstars.
  • Depart Flagler Beach, FL at 3pm
  • Arrive in Titusville, FL at 4pm to see the 2nd Gulfstar
  • Depart Titusville, FL at 5:30pm
  • Arrive in Marco Island, FL at 10:30pm
Friday July 8th
  • Marco Island all day!
Saturday July 9th
  • Depart Marco Island at 7am
  • Arrive in Fort Lauderdale at 10am to see the Northwind and the Tayana
  • Depart Fort Lauderdale at 12:30pm
  • Arrive in Aventura, FL for a quick lunch before seeing the Taswell
  • Depart Aventura at 3pm
  • Arrive in Miami, FL at 3:30pm to obtain a slip at the marina
  • Depart Miami, FL at 4pm
  • Arrive in Marco Island, FL at 6:30pm
Sunday July 10th
  • Marco Island all day!
Monday July 11th
  • Depart Marco Island at 9am
  • Arrive in Miami at Noon (job interviews)
  • Depart Miami at 5pm
  • Arrive in Marco Island at 7pm
  • Depart Marco Island at 8pm
  • Arrive in undisclosed location late in the evening
Tuesday July 12th
  • Depart undisclosed location at 6am
  • Arrive in undisclosed location a short while later to have undisclosed boat surveyed
  • Depart undisclosed location at approximately 12pm
  • Arrive in Chapel Hill, NC in the late evening (yay! impromptu visit with my oldest big sis)
Wednesday July 13th
  • Depart Chapel Hill, NC at 8am
  • Arrive in Louisville, KY at 6:30pm
If you've been following our blog, you may have noticed from our itinerary that we did not look at the Hans Christian 44 Pilothouse. You may also have noticed that we looked at a boat, the Tayana, that we hadn't mentioned as a finalist. Let me explain. Before heading down to FL to look at all of the boats, we discovered the Hans Christian was not in "move-in" or "sail-away" condition, or anything even close to that condition. Since we aren't in the market for a fixer-upper, the Hans Christian was not a viable option. Eric did a little last minute online shopping and discovered the Tayana 48, so we added that to our list of candidates.

Immediately upon seeing the boat that we decided to buy, we knew it was exactly what we wanted. It is a beautiful boat and will be a wonderful home. As far as which one we picked, you'll have to wait just a little while to find out...


  1. So I read this and saw your mileage statement as a challenge. Since I have temporarily deactivated FB, I had to recalculate the trip my sister and I made from LA. I think we did at least 3032 miles and probably something closer to 3100 or 3150. But that was over a much larger range. Your mileage in what looks like mainly Florida looks more painful (repetitive), but then, you were able to use Marco Island as a comfortable way station. A tossup perhaps.

    Oh, and congrats on the boat. lol.

  2. Some of your drive was out west with real scenery. We were driving through Georgia and across the Everglades. There was absolutely nothing to see other than flat highway ahead, truck stops every 30 miles, and the occasional Confederate flag. Not a tossup. We win.