Sunday, July 17, 2011

We're Not Getting the Northwind, and Moishe isn't Going Anywhere...

We like to keep track of which of our blog posts get the most traffic.  It is interesting to find out which of our ramblings attract the most visitors.  Since the earliest days of our blog, our post about Moishe, our tiny dog with even tinier legs, has been ahead by a mile.  The post includes photos of him looking unhappy in his life jacket and drinking from his water bottle like a big gerbil.  That is quality entertainment, so it came as no surprise that the Moishe post appeared unbeatable.

So we were stunned--stunned--when the Moishe post was surpassed this last week.  And not by only a few views, but by dozens of views.  The conqueror?  My completely informative, couldn't-be-less-funny post about one of the boats we were considering, the Northwind 43.  We are hoping that, in time, Moishe will come roaring back and the Northwind post will fade back into the middle of the pack.

Why?  Well, for starters, we are not going to get the Northwind, so it really shouldn't be that relevant to our readers going forward.  The Northwind was in many ways even nicer than we thought it would be.  It is stunning to look at and is built better than probably any boat I've ever been on.  It is an incredible boat.  But, it was just too small for us.  Way too small.  It was in fact the only boat that we looked at that we thought we would not be able to comfortably live on, at least with our current requirements (business suits, frozen pizzas, etc).  So, that's that for the Northwind.

Moishe, on the other hand, is not going anywhere.  We are currently training him to sleep and otherwise be by himself out of his crate, as we will not be bringing it onto the boat.  He is doing great.  We are also getting him used to having only two toys (it is incredible how quickly dog accessories can accumulate).  Moishe, too, needs to cut down on his belongings in order to live on the boat.  Fortunately, he is not a human with the ability to reminisce about better days with more toys to play with, but is rather a dog with a tiny head that is happy playing with whatever is in front of him.  He's adjusting just fine.

Moishe also went for his first sail the other day during the sea trial of the boat that we are going to get (more on that later this week!).  He loved it.  So, stay tuned for new Moishe posts with photos of Moishe sailing, Moishe sitting on the deck in the sun, Moishe in the kayak, and Moishe barking at fish and birds.  Moishe, unlike the Northwind, is here to stay, and we expect our view count to reflect that shortly.  In the meantime, here is a photo of Moishe looking rather distinguished wrapped in his pink Snuggie, which was a recent gift from one of his (human) friends:

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  1. Love the pic:) Waiting patiently for new pics (and the disclosure on the boat choice) later in the week :)