Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Woolly Pockets!

The other morning, distress came over me as I sat in my chair looking at this:

No, you aren’t missing anything. My anguish was due to my houseplants. As I sat staring at my plants, I realized there was no way they would be able to come with us on the boat.

Boats heel (tilt) as they sail, and as a result, you can’t have little potted plants, well, anywhere. Try to imagine a houseplant on the deck of a boat cruising along at this angle:

Obviously, a plant nestled in a top-heavy terracotta pot would topple over, and before tumbling into the ocean, spill its contents all over the deck. I suppose this is why the term houseplant is common and boatplant is not.

I really didn’t want to get rid of my plants. My jade is from my mother’s massive jade plant (it’s more of a jade tree, really). She started my plant from a small branch of hers and it has grown into a rather robust little jade. My snake plant (aka mother-in-law’s tongue) was also a gift from my mom, and like the jade, it was started from one of her plants. In my mind, these plants are an extension of my mother, so I can’t just toss them out! I love them and they must come with me. The mini rose bush was a gift from my husband (awww…), so that has to come, too.

By now, you are beginning to understand why the sight of my houseplants was so upsetting to me. As I sat there that morning, staring at them, I tried to invent some kind of device that would allow me to bring my plants safely on board. Basically, everything I came up with involved duct tape and would have been extremely unsightly and impractical. Well, the universe must have noted my internal strife because, a few hours later, my Food Network Magazine arrived in the mail (which, by the way, I highly recommend), and when I opened it, I saw this:

Woolly Pockets! They are a soft and secure alternative for potted houseplants! I immediately went to the Woolly Pocket website and became ecstatic when I read this description:
"Create a splish-splash of colorful life anywhere, even in the tiniest of spaces. Islands are perfect for your office, dorm room or yacht!"
That’s right – the Woolly Pocket Island Collection is perfect for your yacht! I couldn’t have been happier. My husband was happy for me, too; that is, until he discovered the particular Woolly Pocket I wanted was $90. While I had determined this was a legitimate and necessary expense, Eric felt that perhaps $90 was too much to spend on a plant, and suggested I wait a few years to get one (this is how Eric says “No” when he doesn’t want to crush my spending dreams). My distress returned, but not for long. After reading the descriptions of each Island Woolly model, Eric discovered the dimensions of the smaller Woollies (which were significantly less expensive) would provide more than enough space for my plants. At least for now…

I placed my Woolly order and waited anxiously for my Pockets to arrive in the mail. Thanks to online tracking, I followed their journey every single day as they made their way from California to Kentucky. Finally, my Pockets arrived at exactly 10:00 AM on their scheduled delivery date. Moishe, our miniaturized dog, alerted me to the approaching FedEx truck, which meant I was able to open my front door before the FedEx man even got out of his truck. I’m not sure what kind of giddy look I had on my face as I watched my package being carried from the truck to my outstretched arms, but considering the FedEx man was basically laughing at me as he made his way to my door, I assume I looked a little too excited about my package's arrival. I believe I may have even uttered the words "Gimme! Gimme!"

Since I am a sucker for presentation, I thought I’d share how the Woolly Pockets looked packaged:

They were so adorable, I hated to fill them with dirt; however, this hesitation passed and I removed my plants from their brittle terracotta pots and tucked them into their new, plush Woolly Pockets. Here they are now:

As you can see, unlike traditional pots, which have wide tops and narrow bases, the Woolly Pocket Islands carry weight on the bottom, so spills and tipping should be less common--even on a boat. We’ll still need to find a secure place for them while sailing at sea, but that will be true for all items not bolted to the floor. Additionally, since Woolly Pockets have built-in moisture barriers, our teak decks and floors won’t get wet after we water our plants. This same barrier also helps conserve water, which means less watering in general.

Given the practicality of this item, combined with the fact that Woolly Pockets are made in the U.S.A. from recycled plastic bottles, they are a great purchase (no matter what the price). Most importantly, however, they are super cute.


  1. this is awesome! :D

    i too LOVE my plants... can you hang some too, or would that not work?

  2. I think hanging could work, but it would depend on the boat... the ceilings in some aren't covered in wood; they are leather, etc., so I don't know how we'd secure it. Woolly Pocket makes a wall hanging pocket though - that might work!